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Flow Designer
Chatbots in minutes with drag-and-drop
Draw the paths for your contacts and watch them use your flow in real-time. Use a robust set of actions to tailor your chatbot to your specific needs.
Run Experiments
Use a random split to organize your contacts into as many segments as you like.
Make it Personal
Customize the experience for your contacts based on your own custom fields.
Using custom field splits, each contact will get the right messaging at the right time.
Automate Followups
Using a TextIt Campaign, you can automate ongoing engagement with your contacts at a time that makes sense for them.
To add a contact to a campaign, just place them in a group at any point in a flow.
¿Hablas Español?
Not everybody speaks English. TextIt has first-class support for multilingual chatbots.
Translate in the editor or offline using standard tools.