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WhatsApp Templates: Buttons & Attachments
Words alone may not be enough to convey your message effectively. You can now send attachments and buttons with templates.

WhatsApp requires you to attach an approved template to the first message you send to contacts that have not contacted you in more than 24 hours . This would prevent any attachments or buttons from being sent with that first message.

After listening to your feedback and requests, we're happy to announce the implementation of buttons and attachments with WhatsApp templates. WhatsApp added an upgrade that TextIt now supports allowing us to tailor to your specific needs.

Buttons with WhatsApp Templates

You can already send a message with interactive buttons, also called Quick Replies. Now, we've added this feature to WhatsApp templates. Whether it's directing users to specific actions or gathering feedback easily, these buttons add another dimension to your communication strategy.

Take note that buttons have a maximum character limit of 20.


Add a professional touch by framing your attachments with personalized headers and footers with quick replies, ensuring clarity in every interaction.

  • The header is where you can attach documents, images, or videos.

  • The body is where you can send the content of your message (1024 characters). The body can also include variables you've already saved for your contacts, such as their name.

  • The footer supports 60 characters and Quick Replies are shown underneath it.

We're excited for you to explore these new capabilities and discover the possibilities they bring to your WhatsApp messaging strategy.

As always, we value your feedback, so please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, suggestions, or insights