Using TextIt to Build Meaningful Client Relationships & Provide Flexible Support

We recently spoke with Lawrence Omondi, Office Manager at Access Afya, about his experience using TextIt as a means of supporting clients and building meaningful relationships. 

Access Afya is a sustainable social enterprise that runs a chain of affordable microclinics in Mukuru, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, that provides low-cost, quality healthcare to the local community. Access Afya uses text messaging to send appointment reminders, follow-up with patients post-appointment, and keep them informed on the importance of healthy living.

Why TextIt?

“100% of our clients are able to provide us with a mobile phone number on which to contact them, whether because they own the phone individually or because each family has at least one phone.

Given that mobile phone penetration is very high even in Kenya’s informal settlements, Textit provides us with the perfect communication channel to reach our client regardless of where they are.”

How have you integrated TextIt into Access Afya’s workflow?

"TextIt has allowed us to create an open, personal and friendly relationship with the communities we work in, providing easy access as well as the confidence to approach us. Patients associate our brand with the quality service, care, and attentiveness our clinicians provide.

Textit has enabled us to develop an ‘offline’ relationship with our patients for the times that we are not interacting with them in person. This individual, personalized relationship extends to the emotional and physical well being of a patient, their family, and other community members. Textit has enabled us to form a bond with our patients that gets stronger each time we see a new client in one of our clinics and are able to follow up with them via text message."

Which feature has helped Access Afya the most?

"The ability to group clients. We have created different client groups within Textit, categorized according to their geography, age, demographic and the Access Afya program they are enrolled in. We use these groups to communicate with our patient base in a more strategic manner, and most frequently our communication with them involves sending the relevant groups health messages and inform them about Access Afya community engagement events or bundles that we are providing.

We also value the ability to create a message Flow. This enables us to provide continuity, build relationships and collect data to understand the needs of our patients over time (given that our text messages to them and their responses are saved on the same thread). This enables us to collect useful information from our patients and draw on trends to improve our service delivery."

TextIt puts you in the pocket of your target user with more reliability than email or social media. Using TextIt, you can take advantage of increasing mobile phone ownership rates and communicate more directly with your client or patient. 

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