Use TextIt to funnel your users to live support

While automation is useful in a variety of contexts, there may come a point in the interaction when it makes sense to add a human element - to link a user to a team member who can continue the conversation in real time. This would be an obvious win in a customer support context, but extends across any vertical to organizations that want to improve communication with a particular community.

Create an SMS-to-Support Pipeline

The key to this configuration is TextIt’s Send an SMS to somebody else action. You can place this action at any step in a flow, and use it to instantly direct contacts to team members who can respond via SMS, phone or email to continue the thread.

Create an Email-to-Support Pipeline

If your organization has multiple customers or manages multiple members, you’re probably using a customer relationship management platform (CRM). If you’re not, you should be. CRMs allow you to track and manage the people that interact with your product or service, and most offer the ability to link your organization’s email addresses to a feed that each team member can view. CRMs built for customer support, like UserVoice, present these emails as tickets that each team member can respond to and eliminate from the feed.

Another super simple way to connect a contacts’ inquiry with a team member is the Send an Email action. Simply create a flow that asks for a contact’s name, inquiry and preferred response method, and configure TextIt to send an email containing that info off to your support feed. Team members will be able to instantly access the ticket via your CRM and respond accordingly. Easy.


The variable references the name of the contact if you collected it at a previous step, while @flow.inquiry and @flow.preferred_channel reference the contact’s inquiry and the way they’d like you to respond (SMS, Call, Email), respectively.

Tiered Support

Perhaps you’re an organization that tiers your support to accommodate low support capacity, or you want to screen a customer or community member before directing them to a team member. No problem. Decide on your requirements, then build a flow that only directs contacts to staff if they follow a certain path in your flow.

Create a Flow, Build a Stream

Support isn’t complicated, but it is vital to the success of an organization. Use TextIt to provide a convenient, mobile support channel, and respond with a human touch.