TextIt Updates: Week of May 1st

Each week we highlight new articles and changes to the platform, as well as tips intended to help you get the most out of TextIt:


  • Consecutive messages sent to the same contact are now delayed by one second to ensure they're delivered in order. Stack away!
  • Your contacts' profiles now display failedunansweredbusy, and canceled calls.


  • Keyword, missed call, and uncaught message triggers give you the option of selecting the group(s) to which they apply. This allows you to limit flow access. 

  • The Message Tab allows you to see which messages are sent by your flows, and which aren't. The 'Inbox' tab displays incoming messages not handled by your flows, while the 'Flows' tab only displays incoming messages handled by your flows.  
  • Those looking to display flow results in real time can do so via a TextIt/Google Sheets Zapier integration. Follow this tutorial to build your own dashboard to display the results. 

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