TextIt Updates: Week of March 27th


  • We're testing a new Zapier integration that allows you connect more than 500 apps to TextIt. It's currently private, but we're giving out an invite link to those who'd like to give it a try (link). 
  • Use this guide to learn about the 'Start Contact in a Flow' action we added to Zapier. Specifically, learn how to use information collected by a Typeform to start a flow (link). 
  • Use this guide to learn about the Webhook trigger we added to Zapier. Specifically, learn how to post information collected by a flow to a Slack channel (link).
  • 'Start Another Flow' actions in IVR (voice) flows now route to the new flow without forcing a hangup. 
  • We shipped a new version of the Nyaruka TextIt Android app, version 1.8.1, which makes TextIt more aggressive when retrying failed messages. This change is intended to offset lack of network reliability in developing cellular markets. 


+ You can use a 'Split by Contact Field' RuleSet containing an 'is not empty' response rule to check contact fields for missing values, e.g.: 

+ DYK that you can view and export flow results? Flow results exports contain three tabs: 

  • Runs: the runs tab displays all the times your contacts have gone through a flow, as contacts can pass through a flow more than once. 
  • Contacts: the contacts tab shows the values in the last run, as well as the last value for each flow step, which may have been visited more than once if the contact was was ever redirected to it.
  • Messages: the messages tab displays every message sent from the flow to your contacts and vice versa. It provides the message direction (IN/OUT), text, date and contact information. 

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