Introducing TextIt Campaigns

One of the core tenets around TextIt is to enable the kinds of interactions that have been proven to work most effectively. Our goal has always been to enable every organization to use SMS in the most natural and powerful ways so that their programs can be more successful. As such, it is with great excitement that we introduce TextIt Campaigns.

Campaigns allow you to easily schedule interactions with your users based on dates they have entered. For example if you collect the expected delivery date for a pregnant mother, you can send her a reminder to attend pre-natal visits in the months leading to her delivery. You could also encourage her to make an appointment to deliver her baby at a clinic and send followup reminders for vaccinations. To the mother this is a convenient service that requires only a simple registration she can undertake with the help of a clinician.

One reason we are so excited about campaigns is that they have been proven to be effective. In 2011 we participated in a randomized controlled trial that showed that mothers receiving reminders are almost twice as likely to visit a clinic after birth. With TextIt, we hope to make that simple and inexpensive intervention available to clinics around the world.

But really, we hope that is only the start. Campaigns can do more than just send messages, they can also start users down a flow, working them through a decision tree, collecting information about their pregnancy or helping advise them as to when to seek help from their local clinic. We hope that by enabling these types of interactions we increase the rate of experimentation and learning, leading to completely new programs.

The idea of reminders span much more than just maternity health. We think Campaigns can be used across sectors, reminders farmers as to when to plant their crop and fertilize, or just following up with users as they complete a set of surveys.

Every TextIt account got a free upgrade to campaigns, so you'll see them next time you log in. We recommend watching the introduction video above to get started, but if you have any questions, we always love hearing from you at