Feature Update: Inbound MMS Support

Full-featured media support is on its way! This quarter, we made changes to enable you to collect images, videos, files and even GPS coordinates. First, we populated incoming Twilio MMS with URLs. Now, we're displaying media collected via Twilio and Telegram channels on each contact's profile. Message content will be displayed based on the format it matches:


Check the 'MMS' box when searching for a Twilio number to ensure you'll be able to receive media:

Numbers that support MMS are indicated by a media icon:

Note that Twilio MMS addresses different carrier restrictions by automatically resizing images you send to meet the exact specifications of the receiving carrier. 

Supported Media Types

Supported media types include:

  • photos/videos
  • audio (voice recordings)
  • files (e.g. Google Docs)
  • GPS coordinates (location data)


Media is currently loaded in each contact's profile. Elsewhere, it's represented by URLs. This includes flow results exports and contact fields. 

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