Creating Mobile Registration Forms with TextIt

Did you know that you can use flows to automatically create and populate an entire profile for each new contact? Some of our largest deployments rely on registration flows to manage both new and returning contacts. They allow apps that are consistently adding contacts via a keyword trigger to scale with ease. 

Use Case

This week, in tandem with our use case spotlight, we're demoing an SMS version of the SmokefreeTXT online registration form. SmokefreeTXT a mobile-based smoking cessation intervention designed for teens and adults across the United States. It was developed with support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, and

SmokefreeTXT's messages are sourced from the QuitNowTXT, a library of smoking cessation intervention messages designed to deliver tips, motivation, encouragement and fact-based information via one-way and two-way messaging formats. QuitNowTXT was developed to be adapted to specific contexts including those outside the United States and in languages other than English. Click the link below to download the QuitNowTXT messaging library: 

Key Components

The easiest and most powerful components of an effective SMS-based registration form are the Update Contact and Add to Group actions.

Update Contact

This action is essential to successfully registering a contact within your TextIt app. It allows you to add pertinent information you've collected from a contact to their profile as a contact field. For example, an app adapting the QuitNowTXT programming might want to add a contact's smoking frequency. First, you'd need to create a RuleSet containing simple response rules that evaluate for each contact's smoking frequency and categorize it accordingly. 

The RuleSet above will produce the flow variable @flow.smoking_frequency (the same value placed in the "Save result as" input). Flow variables are then placed in Update Contact actions to be stored in a contact field on the contact's profile. 

@flow.smoking_frequency.category allows us to reference the category the contact's response was placed in. Once the contact passes through this step, their response will be displayed as an attribute that can be referenced using contact variables

Add to Group

This action can be used to segment contacts based on their responses, response frequency, completion of a flow, and much more. In this case, we're using it to group each contact who has completed the registration flow. 

Give it a Try

We've included a sample registration flow for you to try. Users who’ve purchased credits can download it below:

To import this flow to your account, navigate to your account page, select “Import” from the settings menu in the top right corner, and add the flow:


Go with the Flow

TextIt is changing the way organizations communicate with customers, beneficiaries, constituents and stakeholders. Whether you're interested in adding an SMS messaging channel to your communication pipeline like WebHelp Groupe, or building chat bot like HigherMe, you're guaranteed to increase engagement and efficacy. 

For Example:

  1. An E-commerce company can use TextIt to improve funnel abandonment by texting discount codes to customers who put something in their cart but don't purchase.
  2. An on-demand company can push text notifications when their delivery is on the way or manage a fleet of workers who won't be on computers but will always have their phones.  
  3. Any company can measure Net Promotor Score or Customer Satisfaction by sending messages that are more likely to be read and responded to than any other form of communication.

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